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The Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania is home to some of Australia's most experienced and celebrated rabbit judges. Our trainee judges program is one of the most rigorous and respected nationwide.

Our Judges: Meet the Team



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My name is Sarah Van Steenis of Camelot Rabbitry in Tasmania, Australia. I am proudly a second generation fancier and am incredibly privileged to share this hobby with both my mother Debbie and my five children.

Having spent many years as Secretary, I currently stand as President of the Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania and am actively involved in my clubs trainee judge program, a role I consider to be a complete privilege, great honor and one I thoroughly enjoy.

I have kept numerous rabbit varieties, from all sections over my life however my passion for fur varieties was sparked when I was just a small girl and was gifted a pair of Argente Bruns from the late Ron Harris. In my adult years I have, and continue to keep many fur varieties, my main focus of course being my precious Smoke Pearls. Over the last few years my interest in the Polish breed has truly blossomed, it often being a joke that their sassy little personalities mirror my own.

I am passionate about the development of breeds with in Australia. A proud accomplishment being my recreation of the Squirrel normal fur variety and the huge success the breed has seen on the table. I have been asked to be involved with many other breed recreations and colour projects and am always happy to offer any advice or input I feel may be valuable. I am currently working on my breed in development certification of the Tasman White, calici virus has delayed the project but I look forward to their first presentation in the not to distant future.

I thoroughly enjoy promoting the breeds that I love both with in my own country and abroad. With much hard work and dedication I have been lucky enough to enjoy great success on the show table with all breeds I keep. A highlight to date definitely being achieving third best in show, runner up best in show and best in show at the 2019 National Rabbit Extravaganza.

I have been privileged to judge for most clubs with in Australia many times and across all star ratings. This has provided me not only the chance to assist to further educate a variety of exhibitors but to also widen my own learning.

Having the opportunity to travel to England and see the famous "Bradford" for myself in 2018 was an absolute dream come true and provided amazing opportunity to increase my knowledge and develop my skills though interaction with fellow rabbit enthusiasts from various country’s across the world. Being asked to judge the fur section of the International Stakes Show at Bradford in 2019 is certainly a great honor and a judging career highlight. Whilst in England in both 2018 & 2019 I was given the opportunity to tour the rabbitrys of many top exhibitors, an amazing and incredibly educational experience both in consolidating knowledge and expanding the mind further!



My name is Vanessa Sullivan of Korruptabit Rabbitry in Tasmania. I am Australian all Breeds Judge but my specialty is lops.

I started in the fancy with rex and shared my passion with my very dear friend Debbie Pulford. We then had the chance from the wonderful Ron Harris to train as a judge's and to have Ron as mentor, left the rabbit fancy to pursue other endeavors in the animal world, but 7 or so years ago found my way back in a shed full of Dwarf Lops owned by Debbie and her daughter Renee, the irony is that was not the Dwarf Lop breed I fell totally in love with. It was a little Marten Sable Cashmere Lop that was in a nest, that sparked the passion to come back to rabbits.

I also now have Dwarf Lops, Mini Cashmere Lops and Miniature Lops, oh and one Polish.

I then sat a refresher course for judging as things changed over the years. To keep current I think its very important for the over all fancy.

I have been lucky enough judge over most states in Australia, I love to inspire people and keep the fancy alive.

My biggest highlights in rabbits to date, well there has been a few. Turning an overlooked breed into something that is very competitive has been a journey and smiles and tears. Having international judges comment how truly out standing my Cashmere are, and then English judge Phil Batey say that my cashmere are as good if not better than most of cashmere in the UK and would easily compete with the lop breeds in UK shows. Cashmere are not a popular breed in Australia so it is pleasure to champion this wonderful lop breed.



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I'm Martyn Connor of King Coinin Rabbitry in Tasmania.

My breeding and exhibiting rabbits started off almost 10 years ago when my wife decided to bring home our first rabbit and I was against attending shows or getting involved. After being dragged to a few shows and meeting some amazing people I was hooked. We started off with a pet quality dwarf lop before we found a standard rex that started our main stock.

In the last few years we have also added Chinchilla and Thrianta to the mix and looking to add another rare breed to the mix hopefully some time this year.

I have spent time on a couple of committees including ANRCI for a few years and am still working with the RBAT committee for 5+ years.

With the support of our local judges I have started my trainee judging and look forward to expanding my knowledge and meeting more amazing people in the rabbit world.

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