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November 2023 - 2* Show Results - Amanda Hines (Vic)

BEST IN SHOW - Mountain View Iron Stone- Iron Grey - Mini Lop - Isabelle Minehan


Mountain View Dotto- Chocolate - Dutch - Bianca Minehan. 

⭐Best of breed


FleurDelys Julius- Chinchilla - Netherland Dwarf - Natasha Crumpton. 

⭐Best of breed


Sugar Hill Freight Train- Black Otter - Polish - Megan Piesse.

⭐Best of breed

⭐Best Adult Fancy 

⭐Best Fancy in show 


Fluffy Butt Nitro- REW - Jersey Wooly - Cassie Bagorski.

⭐Best of breed


Mountain View Iron Stone- Iron Grey - Mini Lop - Isabelle Minehan.

⭐Best of breed

⭐Best U/14 Lop 

⭐Best Lop in show 

⭐Best Juvenile Lop

⭐BEST Juvenile in show 



Buntastic Bunnies Lizzie- Siamese Smoke Pearl - Mini Cashmere Lop - Caitlin & Shakira Tatnell. 

⭐Best of breed


The Diamond Tornado- REW - British Giant - Nannette Jenkins. 

⭐Best of breed


Robetty Moonbean- Chinchilla - Christina Cooper.

⭐Best of breed

⭐Best Adult in show 

⭐Best Fur in Show  


Robetty Still Not A Squirrel- Chinchilla - Satin - Christina Cooper. 

⭐Best of breed

⭐Best U/5 Fur in show 


Bolshi Shady Santa- Ivory - Mini Satin - Megan Piesse.

⭐Best of breed


Suga Hill Scoot- Ermine - Std. Rex - Megan Piesse.

⭐Best of breed

⭐Best U/5 Rex in show 

⭐Best Rex in show 


Suga Hill Cool Whip- REW - Polish - Megan Piesse. 

⭐Best U/5 Fancy


Mountain View Chinatastic- Chinchilla - Netherland Dwarf - Isabelle Minehan. 

⭐Best Juvenile Fancy 

Buntastic Bunnies Archer- Sooty Fawn- Mini Lop- Caitlin & Shakira Tatnell. 

⭐Best Novice Owner Breeder

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